The story begins in 1979 with the meeting of Jean Djemad and Christine Coudun, and then in 1982 with the arrival of Hip Hop in France. The Black Blanc Beur Company officially came to life in 1984 in an underground car park where their first show, originating from several competitions in the new town, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, was held. At the time, 600 young girls and boys from 16 to 21 years of age showed up, and only 39 were selected.
"[…] It took place during the Forum Culture and District in Bordeaux in 1983 or 84. Jack Lang had made a beautiful speech. They tumbled down on stage. It was the revelation for all the politicians and the social workers who were there. Lang had made a request in order to put and end to the false cultural "/socio-cultural debate ", those were only words. With B3 on stage, everything was said […]." Claudine Moïse - BATTLE DANCERS - Indigènes Editions – 1999
Since then, the company has created aprox. 20 choreographic works and has presented more than 1000 shows in France and abroad : the “BBB” have already lived several lives.


1988 : M. Zzarbi

Choreography : Moïse
Music : Christophe Zurfluh
Duration : 75’

"As much the previous Roma Amor exploited the homogeneity, the athletic force of twelve black macho warriors, as much this show exploits heterogeneity, humour, funny brutality, relaxation and the multiplicity of the gestural variations of the dancers who are capable of doing technical minor miracles but especially much talented by the style"
J.J. Samary- Libération June 1988

1987 : Roma Amor

(Duration : 65’)
Choreography : Charles Cré-Ange
Music : François Kokelaere

"The dance of Black Blanc Beur integrates the spectacular like a hooligan fancies seduction. Without any complex. From one end to another, the program is a shared pleasure : pure pleasure of the stage, impure pleasure of the dance, brutal, immediate and without intermediary… West side story, magisterially danced : amazing solos but also flawless chorus [… ] "
Brigitte Paulino-Netto – Liberation February 1987

Brigitte Paulino-Netto – Liberation February 1987 "The enthusiastic B3 make us forget everything and seem to make the choreography burst like an overly narrow clothing. The B3 have worked well for 3 years and have matured. [… ] (Thank God they have kept their sense of humour). [… ] The performers have acquired a greater theatricalness, they better control the effects of their prowesses jazz-smurf and so on, and when it is necessary they impose moderation to their crossbred ardour… [… ] A beautiful anthem to difference »
Chantal Langeard- Les saisons de la danse March 1987

1984 : J’en ai tout à foutre

(Duration : 80’)
Choreography : Corinne Lanselle
Music : Harry Goffin, Richard Raux, Guem

"They are thirty-one and are all crazy about dancing. That is what the B3 are ! Astonishing cocktail […] break dancing, smurf, jazz. Their dance was born from the street and the concrete. Impetuous, it cocks a snook at “the slum belt”". Their exuberance will invest another suburb tomorrow. Excellent virus. If you feel depressed do not refrain from that performance : with B3,the real grind do not resist "
Farah C Humanité December 1985