DANSER MAG - February 2012

“Everything started with the ambivalent role of guards and bouncers, often confronted with their friends. And some B3 dancers have actually helped make ends meet in this way. Chroniques du périmètre is a dynamic piece, full of suspense, and entertaining, like a night crossing in a difficult neighborhood, like an endless enumeration of the confrontations between youths and security guards, from the nightclubs to gatherings in public places or at the pool. But it is also about clan warfare and, probably for the first time in the history of hip-hop, about dancing a funeral. As always with B3, the women are breakers that have nothing to envy the men. "Thomas Hahn

Lyon Capitale. December 2011

"... As in her previous works, Christine Coudun addresses a political issue through a somber and inquisitive lens, but without forgetting to use humor and energy in an unfailing dance that manages to transform a minefield into a playground. "Martine Pullara- Social (hip hop) Chronicles.