Web PRESS : "Black Blanc Beur, drugs ! »Article posted on 28.01.2014 by Thomas Hahn

"Pioneers among the pioneers of hip-hop, Black Blanc Beur are worried about their future. For thirty years they have been bringing hip-hop to new and unexpected terrains, just as with Inside, this new creation, a choreographic and theatrical perspective on the effects of drugs. A masterpiece ...
Inside : Seen from the inside, one can feel how the characters’ perception is altered, how the presence of such coveted substance breeds violence or apathy. Dance, mime and comedy are here inseparable, as if Pina Bausch had whispered her recipe to Christine Coudun who then adapted it to her choreographic universe. The co-founder of B3 is not afraid to take risks. She treats a difficult subject in a piece that was commissioned for teenagers. But the expertise of the choreographer and her extensive experience in working with youth has enabled her to transform a challenge into a revelation.

Yes, hip-hop can talk about life in difficult neighborhoods through the medium of dance, a kind of danced chronicle, without being didactic or politicallly correct. This mosaic of slices of life, driven by a Hitchcock-like suspense, transforms situations through the use of poetic and burlesque metaphors...

B3 play with the forms of breakdance and use this to create alternate points of view. This highly creative approach, backed by the authenticity of the characters, allows the dancers to make visible the shared reality of life in their neighborhoods and to reveal what is most essential about being human..."