Cie Black Blanc Beur : Chorégraphe : Christine Coudun. Assistants Chorégraphe : Mathieu Raguel et Adilson Horta / Lumière : Laurent Vérité Conception et montage musicale : Philippe Lalance (Garou)
B3 JUNIORS : Tony Cordella, Rudy Ferreira, Alain Kasongo, Kevin Tran, Boris Bodonon, Youcef Taouli, Loueye Abbassi, Ouili Nana, Nicolas Toussaint, Malik Bouslah, Linécker Donne

For nearly 30 years, the trajectory of B3 in France and abroad has been punctuated by the creation of multiple choreographies dedicated to exploring connections with daily life in various social realities, keeping dance « close to the ground ». The work of transmission and exchange around the practice of Hip Hop is one of the prime identifying markers of the company. Black Blanc Beur has initiated and trained various groups of people (schools, youth, patients in hospitals, inmates...) and dancers in the course of professionalization. Since our first show in 1984, our wish has been to also work with the creative potential of amateurs, in Trappes (France) and elsewhere. More recently, Christine Coudun and Jean Djemad formalized a training and employability project for young amateur dancers residing in Ile de France. This was intended to fulfill the need of young dancers to be part of a company project and creation in Hip Hop dance. The project began in St Quentin en Yvelines in 2007. At the end of 2012, the Black Blanc Beur company, via the choreographer Christine Coudun and two of her assistants (Mathieu Raguel and Adilson Horta de Sousa) began working on a creation with these 10 apprentice dancers on the project named « PARADOXE ». In December 2014, the full version of PARADOXE (length 60’) was presented at the Salle de La Merise in Trappes (France), and in April 2015 in Bremen (Germany), for the first time abroad.

What has been unique about the PARADOXE project has been the integration of a group of young dancers in a creation process and then a professional situation that is almost identical to the one that the Black Blanc Beur Company uses for its own creations. A new generation of B3 !

In an epoch of crisis, an increasingly stark economic, social and cultural divide seems to separate individuals from one another. The Rich # The Poor ? Are things really so simple ? Are wealth and poverty solely related to matters of money ? How do the "rich" and the "poor" live together now ? What does success mean ?