2013-2014 > INSIDE

Inside, a philosophical hip hop tale

choreography : Christine Coudun
choreographic Assistant : Lowriz Vo Assistant
light work : Laurent Vérité
dancers : Sarah Bee, Alfreda Nabo, Manuela Bolegue ou Simone Sithiphone (Saym), François Kaleka, Adilson Horta de Sousa, David Phiphak (Laos), Mathieu Raguel, Lowriz Vo
Duration : 60’

Inside - Black Blanc Beur from Black Blanc Beur on Vimeo.

The Die Bühne Im Hof Theatre (Austria) comissioned Christine Coudun to create a show based on the theme of addiction as part of its programming for young audiences. Hence, in 2012, the first phase was explored in creating a choreography designed to invite middle school and high school students to reflect on the use of various illegal and toxic drugs.

Police arrests and probations, struggles with parents, psychological tests, the settling of debts, overdoses, televised debates, testimonials, group therapy ...

INSIDE recounts The misadventures of three young drug users and their affected lives :

The cycle of addiction poisons all free will. Consciousness lacks wisdom and discernment. The relationship to reality changes. Illusions predominate. Dreams no longer have foundations : Finding the right path is difficult. Successful collaborations between police and therapists are rare, as are solutions and remedies. Tragedy is not far. Unhooking from addicition is difficult, it’s long and it hurts.

Humor and wit are essential ingredients in choreography. They allow a lightness of tone, a necessary fantasy.

Inside is based on real details and characters which are then reinterpreted in the artistic act of transforming raw material into a source of poetry. Surprising alliances emerge between realism and fantasy, between the tragic and the absurd, between magic and truth : They free us of the theme and message. Christine COUDUN

Web PRESS : "Black Blanc Beur, drugs ! »Article posted on 28.01.2014 by Thomas Hahn

"Pioneers among the pioneers of hip-hop, Black Blanc Beur are worried about their future. For thirty years they have been bringing hip-hop to new and unexpected terrains, just as with Inside, this new creation, a choreographic and theatrical perspective on the effects of drugs. A masterpiece ...
Inside : Seen from the inside, one can feel how the characters’ perception is altered, how the presence of such coveted substance breeds violence or apathy. Dance, mime and comedy are here inseparable, as if Pina Bausch had whispered her recipe to Christine Coudun who then adapted it to her choreographic universe. The co-founder of B3 is not afraid to take risks. She treats a difficult subject in a piece that was commissioned for teenagers. But the expertise of the choreographer and her extensive experience in working with youth has enabled her to transform a challenge into a revelation..."

Creation : April 2012 at the Die Bühne Im Hof (Austria), under the working title of « Insight » for the 1st stage of creation. Lighting Design in 2014 at the Eurydice Theatre at Plaisir (78). Creation of INSIDE at L’Espace Culturel Doisneau in Meudon la Foret January 21, 2014
Co-production : Die Bühne Im Hof Theatre- St. Pölten (Austria), for Insight. The Black Blanc Beur company and its projects are supported by the Regional Council of Ile de France / Artistic and Cultural Permanence, the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Ile De France, the Urban Community of Saint Quentin en Yvelines and the City of Trappes en Yvelines.