Production 2011 / Duration : 70’
Choreography : Christine Coudun
Choreographic assistants : Laurent Kong a Siou, Lowriz Vo
Light design : Laurent Vérité

Dancers : Manuela Bolegue ou Sarah Bee, Adilson Horta de Sousa, François Kaleka, Laurent Kong a Siou, Alfreda Nabo, Mathieu Raguel, Julian Rouyre, Saym Sithiphone, Lowriz Vo

Chroniques - Black Blanc Beur from Black Blanc Beur on Vimeo.

In a surveillance society, nothing undermines the strength of the dancers. In the face of obstacles, they are able to be resourceful, to find alternatives, ways of connecting, again and again, to themselves and to each other.
This creation is based on a major characteristic of our time : the increase of surveillance of all kinds. In impoverished neighborhoods, it is not uncommon for those who want to break the cycle of unemployment and crime to find work as security guards.
Many unemployed dancers have, at times, taken on such jobs, which require a deterring appearance but not extensive training.
The figure of "security" is embodied in this show by "watchmen."

Nothing escapes this surveillance mentality, neither in public nor private spaces.
The enactment of this mentality produces only more fear.
In this performance, we aim to show some spatial figures of these "small wars for public space".
The energy derived from the joy of life and movement is transformed into games of resistance. This resistance, when turned into tragedy, marks the consciousness of all who witness and participate.

Regarding the music : it is music that is enjoyable to dance to ... the kind of music that makes up everyone get up and move at nightclubs ...

It is only art that makes our freedom unassailable from tyranny. Christine COUDUN- sept 2010

« ...Lyon Capitale. December 2011 "... As in her previous works, Christine Coudun addresses a political issue through a somber and inquisitive lens, but without forgetting to use humor and energy in an unfailing dance that manages to transform a minefield into a playground. "Martine Pullara- Social (hip hop) Chronicles.

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PARTNERS : Production : Black Blanc Beur
Coproduction : « Die Bühne Im Hof » Theatre, St-Pölten (Austria) and government of Lower Austria, National Choreographic Centre of Rochelle (France).

Black Blanc Beur and Remix/Chroniques du Perimètre are supported by the French Ministry of Culture/DRAC Ile-de-France, Région Ile-de-France, Communauté d’Agglomération de St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Ville de Trappes-en-Yvelines, Pole Pik-Centre Chorégraphique de Bron, Collectif 12-Friche André Malraux in Mantes la Jolie, Ferme de Villefavard in Limousin, Institut M. Rivière in La Verrière

photos credit : Michel Cavalca