2010 production
Artistic direction/ Choreography : Christine Coudun
Assistant : Alfreda Nabo
Dancers : Sarah Bee, Séverine Bidaud, Manuela Bolegue, Setha Chap, Alfreda Nabo, Emilie Schram, Simone Sithiphone, Jennifer Suire
Sonography : Carole Rieussec
Lighting designer : Laurent Vérité
Duration : 67’

Video credit : Emilio Belmonte
Photos credit : Laurent Paillier

Press :

“After a quarter of a century of creating for the company, I could be easing off, observes Christine Coudun (choreographer and co-founder of the company). But today changes can be made to hip-hop. And I don’t want to miss that ! I feel how much, just now, my experience can be of help.”
For her new project, the choreographer has brought together 8 female dancers.
« For a long time, breakdance has been considered a man’s thing. There were very few girls, and when there were girls, they were often confined to imitating the boys. However there have been some pioneers... And today the question of femininity in hip-hop can be investigated. Which is all the essence of this project : developing this dance through energies, questions and emotions emanating from a group of women.
As often in Black Blanc Beur, one of the directions of this research relates to the musical choices : “we have asked Carole Rieussec to create the music, which will be electroacoustic, with women’s words put to music. Resorting to untypical musics can help opening up the dancers to expressive tones that are rarely cultivated within breakdance.”
For the first time, video will also be conjured up, through a collaboration with plastic artist Antonella Bussanich.
Let’s conclude by mentioning that le Théâtre d’Ivry – Antoine Vitez presents a real series of 18 performances of My Tati Freeze (amongst which half are for young audiences). An opportunity rarely offered to dance companies, which will help the creation to mature, to transform though the contact with the public, to find its own intrinsic rhythm and to flourish.
Marie Chavanieux - La Terrasse - September, 2009

Presentation :

It took only a few days of residency at la Ferme de Villefavard, in Limousin, for us to realize the importance of an intermutual space for all of us to shape life and dance.

To take time to explore and reach creative freedom.

To name our aspirations, to express our fantasies, and the evanescent emanations of our imaginary break through.

The small tragedies and the big comedies of everyday life are investigated.

Mischievous headstands bring us back to reality, through the strife and the surrendering to living life, for one moment, with our head upside down.
The rhythm of the parade relates the unexpected diversity of characters and situations. The details and movements, full of derision, reveal the pretences of our modern life.

And still they walk with their feet on the ground, determined not to let just anybody beguile them. They may have their heads in the clouds. For some, walking on their heads is not just about getting a leg over...

When it gets more serious, at the office, it’s a matter of having our head screwed on, and not letting emotions take hold.

The other side of things gets manifested, the divergences take shape, the dissensions can unveil the daydreams buried inside our hearts. Their eyes on the stars, their core muscles exercised, they wait resolutely. They freeze, they break, they dance.

Creation in residency at le Théâtre d’Ivry - Antoine Vitez.
Coproductions : Théâtre d’Ivry - Antoine Vitez, Compagnie B3 Black Blanc Beur, Ferme de Bel Ebat à Guyancourt, Théâtre de Chelles and Act’ Art 77 - Conseil Général de Seine et Marne.
With the support of : Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile-de-France, Région Ile-de-France, Communauté d’Agglomération de St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, ACSE, ville de Trappes-en-Yvelines, Relais mutualiste- service culturel de l’Institut Marcel Rivière à la Verrière, Ferme de Villefavard in Limousin, United States of America Embassy.

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