LE PARISIEN – March, 2009
« […] Twelve dancers steadfastly performing tackles and figures for 75 minutes, interrupted only by the performances of a “freestyler”, football-juggler. Black Blanc Beur’s flagship piece, this “Contrepied” is a new version, more muscular, more spectacular, of a choreography created in 1990 by the company’s co-founder, Christine Coudun. [...]
Back from an extensive European tour, the piece closed, with brio, the first edition of the hip-hop festival Hoptimum, in Seine-et-Marne.” Black Blanc Beur are dancing football.

« Soccer lovers, the hip-hop dancers of the Black Blanc Beur (B3) dance company have chosen to turn the stage into a battleground, in order to pay homage to their favorite sport, with “Contrepied”. B3’s set consists only of some spotlights, reminding the stadium, and a bench. Beyond that, what captures the spectator’s attention is the ball and its relationship to the body. Magic sphere stretching up women’s bellies, soccer planet held overhead at arm’s length by an Atlas, or simple argument for play-which arises from instinct at first, and then becomes constructed, combining individual virtuosity and collective creation.
It would have been easy to just transpose the body stunts coming from sports to the universe of a dance, summoning on stage a sort of street soccer. The BBB choose a more risky alternative : that of distancing from the ball and from sportsmanship, as well as from the social and economic issues, while surrendering to the fascination of a game that has become the most popular sport worldwide and a universal passion.
Thus the whole imagery of soccer is investigated by the choreography of a group which has developed its own hip-hop vocabulary through modulating it to the high standards of contemporary dance. The dramaturgy of the game, especially in its televised show version, is related with striking consistency : anthem ritual, slow-motion, collisions between players, shirt-grabbing or even pranks, when the red card penalty or the injury strikes : anger, despair or feigned innocence. Alcoholized supporters and male chauvinism in soccer are also pointed at, with a generous space dedicated to the female dancers of the company.
At the end the BBB win the game hands-down, in front of a packed Rive Gauche and of numerous elated young spectators-supporters. Bruno Lafosse - Black-Blanc Beur’s big game.

LA TERRASSE – November 2008
"Presented in the context of the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship (“Euro 2008”), the recreation of this piece, which is entirely dedicated to soccer, did not go unnoticed. It features a team of boys who are as familiar with the tackles and backheel flicks of the soccer game as with the domes and backflips of breakdance. This idea of taking the moves and gestures of soccer and turning them on their head to create a hip hop choreography is served up by a group of high calibre dancers, and is highly effective." Nathalie Yokel - The B3’s, directed by Christine Coudun, remount a piece created in 1990.

“The B3’s remount one of their old works on the theme of soccer. “Contrepied” cleverly interweaves the legwork of soccer and the moves of hip hop, the myths of one and symbols of the other, in joyful sympathy with all playing fields. If our memories are good, we won’t want to miss this show, which helps us to verify and even improve our recollections.” Rosita Boisseau

Thanks to Maya Ostrofsky for her translation.

NÍN - April 2008
Contrepied is about the story of life with its games and its arguments, its joys and struggles. The game of a life.
« Black Blanc Beur » is dancing football until people kneel down.

APA0057 5Ki 0387 - 20 April 2008
"B3 : philosophers, ironical, virtuoso...
The football seen as a parable of life.
Contrepied neither presents a parody nor a tribute of football but a spiritual rise of this topic (...). B3 get 80 mns of pure stage entertainment even to the audience who is allergic to sports.
Among the uncountable tries for artistic opening in prelude of the Euro 2008, the show "Contrepied" is unquestionably the most interesting and achieved one".

Thanks to Faustino Lorenzo for his translation.