Outreach activities and hip hop workshops

Black Blanc Beur (B3) has been founded by Jean Djemad and Christine Coudun (choreographer) and now totals around twenty dancers, some of them being with the company since its debut in 1984. Being active since the rising of the Hip Hop movement in France, B3 has always tried to lead original artistic projects while getting involved in the community with outreach activities ; expressing therefore the importance of the artistic act and its necessary involvement in the society.

According to B3, art is elitist, but acces to art must not be. They have dealt with this contradiction while being the firsts in the hip hop movement to develop this paradox and to enrich it with 20 years of experience. They wish to continue innovating in an approach, methodology and method that allows those who do not have access to right and knowledge to find a voice and a path.

credit photo Jose Usoz

Outreach activities and workshops : Black Blanc Beur offers outreach activities and workshops open to various publics, most of them coming from “difficult” neighbourhoods. These workshops (from pure initiation to masterclasses), can take place in various locations such as cultural centres, schools (from kindergarden to university), hospitals, psychiatric centres and detention centres. A small showing applying the different abilities gained through the workshop is presented at the end of each series and motivates the participants throughout the whole process.

These activities include :

1) sensibilisation and initiation. Young participants learn both hip hop techniques and vocabulary with Black Blanc Beur’s professionnal dancers (waves, pops, boogaloos).

2) improvement classes for young self-taught dancers who wish to initiate to choreographic composition

3) Teacher training and improvement classes for professional dancers

4) Professionnal training

credit photo b3

- The artistical sensibilisation of works transforms the participant abilities to reach knowledge and information. From then, it is a better access to law.
- Each work is concluded by a performance showing the different experiences obtained during the project. To perform on stage constitutes a motivating and creative stakes.

- Acting with the trainers, we bring up a best autonomy in the districts and we increase the number of persons who can be touched.

- For the rare dancers reaching the highest level, everything is done so that they attain a real job and a social status.