GRAFF IT ! – May 2009
“T’es Trois (2006) is the result of long years of maturation : three dancers who are familiar with the choreographer’s specific work of research, and a strong choreographic argument, which might even be at the origin of hip-hop dance : cohabitation in a closed space. The experiment is pushed to the extreme, and draws the spectator into a somber realism : tensions, violence, diplomacy of survival... The limits of performance are transcended, and the subtleties of the choreography, particularly of the contact work, are spellbinding. The novice public leaves the theater bewildered by such a “contemporary” choreography of hip-hop dance.”
Anne Nguyen - Black Blanc Beur, still on the opposite foot

LE MONDE – October 2008
« The trio T’es Trois relies exclusively on the resources of dance to sublimate a story. Based on entrenched masculine relationships, the hip hop choreography bounces its theme back and forth for 50 minutes, showing us a sublimated aggressiveness. In grey pants and white shirts, the three performers construct and deconstruct the multiple acrobatic figures of this dance with an acute sense of counterpoint. Christine Coudun’s choreography answers to a classic and even risky theme with an exercise in style, whose quarrelsome variations never lose sight of their subject. The silver lighting, concrete-coloured stage tinged with slate blue, and black velvet curtains create the perfect backdrop for this violently sculptural settlement of scores. »
Rosita Boisseau- A Hip Hop settlement of scores at Palais Chaillot

AFRISCOPE - Sept/Oct 2008
« T’es Trois is an in-your-face trio that tackles headfirst the theme of otherness. Moving to the hypnotic beat of Doctor L, three dancers confront one another, carving up the space with their tensions. […] The trio pursues its exploration of breakdance, “with heightened awareness of its aesthetic and ethical implications”. They prove that it is possible to last and to be successful without squandering oneself. »
Ayoko Mensah- Black Blanc Beur still at the top of hip hop

FLAVOR - September 2008
« It all starts out, as is often the case, with a trivial gesture : refusing to shake a hand. Maybe out of fear, or from the very real refusal to engage in dialogue. And from there, everything skids out of control. The three dancers of B3 embody anger, jostling the space with violence. […] Their movements jolt, their attempts at supple mediation abort… Cries, lurches and frenzied rhythms : Doctor L, a former member of the band Assassin, has created a superb score to accompany the strife. B3 speaks for those who cannot and, what is more, succeeds in bringing its new language onto the mythical stage of Théâtre du Chaillot : quite an achievement for a company born in an underground parking lot of St-Quentin-en-Yvelines ! In the end, they may not encounter peace, but these three artists succeed in transfiguring the codes of hip hop dance to reveal its grace, its humanity and its incredible relevance. »
Estelle Surbranche

« As its title indicates, T’es trois is a variation on the trio. How is it possible to put up with each other, to overcome one’s fear of the other, to live without concession ? Christine Coudun does away with facile postures to show us an ideologically committed hip hop. Carried by François Kaleka, Laurent Kong a Siou and Lowriz Vo, T’es trois, set to the music of Doctor L, is a lesson in life. And in dance. »
Philippe Noisette

LA VOIX DU NORD – June 2007
« Musically and technically daring, the two productions “Au Féminin” and “T’es trois”call upon the imaginary. Violent and cat-like, the first show humorously stages maternity whereas “T’es trois” is located in a universe where there is much more tension. Both have in common the exploration of the gesture and the alternation of the rhythms, thus captivating the audience and maintaining them under the spell. […] These shows prove that the hip hop does not have to remain locked up in a too rigid structure. »

LEEDOR (Argentina)- 20th of December 2006
« […] Conflict, duel, resistance, adaptation, torture, illusion and mediation are in perpetual motion during 50’. Lights of colour on the dancers’ shoes or helmets are altered in blood, fire, water or electrocuting high voltage according the choreography. The hypnotic music from Doctor L gives life to this epic in cries, in breaths and in rhythm, excellent combination of technical skill and plasticity of the movements, brilliantly danced by François Kaleka, Laurent Kong has Siou and Lowriz Vo. At the end of the show, a cloud of smoke, symbol of an omnipresent violence, will consume the whole, minus our possibility of thinking. Wherever the place of the world we live in, those "three" will remain in us. »
Marta Opacak

« […] In front of us a fight is displaying to find a place between three, to exist and survive. Demolish and rebuild unceasingly. Inhabited by a powerful psychological dimension, the dance is put in abyss, taking us where everything seems unfinished and even in decomposition. The universality of the images of violence in a raw state, not contained, reminds us that the Khmer or Argentinean dictatorships are not far, and others else... Lights, projectors, dance floor carpet, legs, every tool partake in this universe of upheaval where nothing reassures us. Committed creative act, far from the aestheticism and the politically correct, "T’es trois" stirs up to and disturbs : a dance to say the world, without any concessions »
Lia Golderg