« […] The inspiration of choreographer Christine Coudun seems inexhaustible, her style mixing realism and poetry, humour and insight. The piece moves us, makes us smile and surprises us. »
K.D- Le temps d’Aimer, suite et fin : Si J’étais ou Si J’aimais… le hip hop a pris la parole (Translation : If I were or If I loved… Hip Hop has spoken)

TELERAMA- May 2007
« The pioneer hip hop company always pushes the boundaries of a style focusing on physical demonstration and virtuosity. The new production, "Si je t’M", signed by Christine Coudun and her performers, embraces delicate problems in the hip hop circle : the relationship between men and women. Originally a rather male dominated field focused on muscular excesses and solitary issue, the hip hop dance seldom offers various forms of pas de deux. Therefore, the B3 merrily take up a real challenge both psychological and choreographic. »
Rosita Boisseau

LE PARISIEN- September 2006
"[… ] This play stages the relationship between men and women, from curiosity to seduction and going through confrontation. As for the choreography, it pushes forward an aspect of break dancing still too little known : lightness, restraint and suspension of this technique on the floor. The musical assembly made by Christine Coudun must also greeted : It points out that hip hop is not only danced on rap and that the music of Tchaïkovski, Erika Badu, Meredith Monk can perfectly go with it, illustrating here the poetry of the choreography.[…]."
Carene Verdon- the hip hop way Black Blanc Beur

LA PROVENCE- November 2005
" [… ] the dancers from Black Blanc Beur company definitely flabbergasted the audience from Manosque. A high performance which combines sense of balance and a certain form rhythmical recklessness. Hats off ! […] Within the space of one hour Black Blanc Beur succeeds in making the incredible prowess[…] to carry out both an immodest and modest fresco, in which a surprising love dance in circle is depicted. That one mixes Viennese waltzes with John B music from the 70’s and goes through an unrestrained mambo worthy of George Chakiris and his band in the eternal "West Side Story". But the strength of "B3" lies in the fact that the 3 to 400 kids who were present _connected all day long to NRJ, Fun and other Skyrock_ were captivated by a show offering tunes mostly borrowed from the classical music."
The hip hop phenomenon impresses and seduces

SUD-OUEST- November 2005
"[… ] Last Monday, in Bellegrave the program of the 8th edition of the Urban Vibrations ended in a blaze of glory with the show “Si Je T’M” . [… ] In the large room where more than 600 people had taken seat, there was a soft atmosphere which disclosed moments of strong emotions.... [… ] During this show of high standard, the choreographic and athletic performance carried out by the dancers was greeted by a conquered audience.”
Apotheosis of the urban Vibrations

« […] The Company Black Blanc Beur takes the audience into an artistic and spectacular danced world. This show could have been compared to a wordless musical. Actually words are not at all necessary. The artists can perfectly convey the feelings and the emotions through their bodies. […] The artists from "Si je T’M » unanimously received a prolonged applause at the end of this brilliant show. […] ".
Hip Hop, dance of street becomes Art

LE MAINE LIBRE- February 2005
"In" Si Je T’M ", the parade of love, union and duel, is carried by all the different styles of music : From the “Swans Lake” to tango, from mambo to Human Beat Box. […] Moments of grace appear from this meeting. A grace, which is never insipid, but rather energetic, drawn from the physical and technical force of the dancers […]"
Massive Big Up for Black Blanc Beur

OUEST France- January 2005
« […] The choreographic quality is mixed with the originality of a music inspired by the traditional and romantic repertoire. The Company Black Blanc Beur offers (with "Si Je T’M"), an elegant choreography where horizontality is essential as a challenge to the laws of balance. […] »
From Hip Hop to the sound of violins

DANSER- September 2004
" […] This is Hip Hop but it considerably goes beyond the genre as most of the shows labelled as such in Montpellier. This also true for Black Blanc Beur (performing Si Je t’M) who is proving that we can make use of break dancing to find a genuine choreographical writing." »
Agnès Izrine- Montpellier Danse 2004

BALLET TANZ- September 2004
" […] On the Hip Hop scene there have always been arguments concerning ’purity’. Does Hip Hop have to open up to other styles of dancing or does it have to stay pure ? On that point Christine Coudun, the choreographer tries to gather everybody. For those last years, she has been producing genuine break dancing and now she is presenting a dance show that can be compared to a kind of tofu stuffed with all the other dances and which tries to include all the styles- from ballet to Tango-from Baroque to Mambo-. At the beginning of the show, synchronous "pas de deux" or "pas de trios" tend to prove that Hip Hop must develop formal dance styles. It seems like the 3B venture into artistic spheres that used to be closed to Hip Hop culture until now. As if the necessity to stage the social reality of the actors did not exist any more and that finally the choreography expresses itself as a pure form."
Thomas Hahn- A little love " Si je t’M" in Montpellier

The choreographer Christine Coudun and her company Black Blanc Beur showed that hip-hop could be nourished from any kind of music. An artistic wish turned towards the opening. [... ] Would anyone have imagined that this “new dance” could embrace the waltz and slide into traditional musical pieces ? Christine Coudun made a success of this challenge. Thanks to her, hip-hop reaches another dimension. Her resea