"Black Blanc Beur considered as headlight in the Hip Hop dance, does not need to be introduced anymore. Five dancers from the Company present "Break Quintet", a production which is in harmony with Pablo Cueco’s free jazz music. That is a mystifying play- almost "tachiste" (artistic movement which attempts to reproduce motion, light on objects using throws, touches and splashes of colours) - where technical virtuosity is brilliantly displayed, disrupting in a catlike style all the break dancing codes."
Hip Hop show in the grand theatre not be missed

LA MARSEILLAISE- December 2003
"Nothing is more attractive than this dance of the blooming years, this appealing outburst, this abundance of revolt with flashes of hidden tenderness which are masterly enlightened and properly wrapped in its musical aura. Black Blanc Beur Dance Company is to dancing, into which they pour out their new blood, what "Guernica" from Picasso is to painting."
A-H- Black Blanc Beur burst out in Benoît XII

CASSANDRE - January 2003
" […] Few dance companies work with a formal liberty, which gets out of any model taken from other dance styles. With Break Quintet, Christine Coudun from Black Blanc Beur, has completely assimilated the experience of the staging, the creation of scene lightings and the work on space which marked people mind those last years. Unlike other actors from the contemporary dance, she knows how to embrace the B.Boys culture. She never lingered over a meta-dance. Break Quintet -like Wartane, Défilles and some other recent creations- make us see the result of an organic research and it is danced in an obvious spontaneity where the physical prowess is not questioned […]"
Thomas Hahn- Pressure on hip hop

GRAFF IT ! - January 2003
"The work (Break Quintet) is focused here on the use of the space around a common imaginary. When a duo appears, it is like an intruder, which leaps out throughout their “physio-sphere”. This is a penetration in the heart of several circles that could be drawn to describe a space where a mass of feelings comes to life. Both bent and kneeled, that is the way the dancers delightly won the audience’s consideration during a 30-minute jazz music from Pablo Cueco.”
Julien ADDP- Urban meeting in La Villette

LE MONDE - October 2002
" Time is suspended. If nobody makes a sound in the young audience, despite the jazz music playing and the feeling of a broken up space, that is only because the five dancers in the darkness are endlessly linking up spectacular moves and sequences that each time re-conquer the attention of the sceptics. Christine Coudun has found a main stream where the dancers are neither on the floor nor standing, but rather bending or in a squatting position. That is almost a reversal of the hip-hop signs (and codes), a crepuscular distance between two worlds. The dance is only but expectation, crossing from one place to another, changing directions. It’s not going anywhere, but rather piling up tensions and reviving issues.”
Dominique Frétard