LA VOIX DU NORD – June 2007
« Musically and technically daring, the two productions “Au Féminin” and “T’es trois”call upon the imaginary. Violent and cat-like, the first show humorously stages maternity whereas “T’es trois” is located in a universe where there is much more tension. Both have in common the exploration of the gesture and the alternation of the rhythms, thus captivating the audience and maintaining them under the spell.[…] These shows prove that the hip hop does not have to remain locked up in a too rigid structure. »

DANSER – January 2007
« Who would have thought that a hip hop piece could evoke maternity ? And then, after some kind of challenge, a pregnancy and a baby we cradle. What a revearsal, what a symbol ! In order for this to be possible, B3 had to reunite 5 female breakers under Christine Coudun’s direction. It definitely is the feminine replica of their Break Quintet. Freezes and in hugs, the prowess in break dance pop up so naturally that we nearly don’t notice them anymore. In « Au féminin », power is serving a feline dramaturgy escaping the masculine eye. And yet suspense has no time off. Slightly tamer, the queen of the night defeats some bad hooded spirits in a slow, but fluid game. Agression/seduction, a slow jazzy ambiance, and at any moment a nice group energy rather than the so frequent “watch me !” with breakers. We dive in an enigma, like with Joseph Nadj when he shakes a novel’s universe... »
Thomas Hahn